Monday, January 7, 2008


New Breed Philippines will be holding Open Door-Open Mat sessions every 1st Saturday of the month starting this 2008 at New Breed Ateneo at 10AM!

However, for the month of January, since the 1st Saturday has passed already, we will be holding the Open Door-Open Mat on Jan. 12, 2008, 10AM. The next one will be on February 2, 2008, 10AM.

The Open Door-Open Mat sessions will be open to all BJJ practitioners and grapplers from any team or affiliation. It is our goal to strengthen the Philippine BJJ community thru productive and positive interaction.

The only requirement for anyone to be abe to join our Open Door sessions is a good attitude and the willingness to meet and make new friends.



New Breed Ateneo holds it's sessions at the Judo Room, 2nd floor of the Blue Eagle Gym, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City.

The schedule is as follows:

Tues & Thurs 4:30-6:30PM (beginners/regular class), 6:30-7:30PPM (Open Mat), 7:30-9:30PM (Advanced/Competition Class) Saturdays 9:00AM-10:30 (No-Gi class), 10:30AM-12NN (Open Mat)


BJJ Purple Belt
4th Degree Judo Blackbelt
Copa Filipina Champion
Phil. Int'l BJJ Open Champion
National Judo Champion
National Judo Team

BJJ Purple Belt
Copa Filipina Champion
Pan Asian Champion
Phil. Int'l BJJ Open Champion
Phil. Grappling Challenge Champion
Copa de Hong Kong Champion
Carlson Gracie Challenge Superfight Champion
SEA BJJ Champion

The rates are P2,300 monthly for unlimited training. We offer discounts for quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments.

3 month payment (15% discount): P5,865 instead of P6,900 (savings of P1,035)

6 month payment (20% discount): P11,040 instead of P13,800 (savings of P2,760)

1 year payment (25% discount): P20,700 instead of P27,600 (savings of P6,900)

For inquiries, contact 0917-8588230 or send e-mail to

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Breed Hosts Mike Fowler Seminar

Since 1998, New Breed has been hosting seminars for some of the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters and instructors in the world. The list includes: Roy Harris, John Ouano, Carlson Gracie Jr and the late great Carlson Gracie Sr.

Last December, New Breed hosted a two-day seminar with multiple time Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling champion, Mike "The Prowler" Fowler. The two-day seminar, which covered both gi and no-gi grappling, was also attended by several members of different jiu-jitsu schools in the country.

The seminar showcased some of the moves that made Mike famous in the grappling community. He taught the techniques in detail and managed to crack a few jokes along the way. He paid close attention to the participants while they were doing the repetitions of the techniques as to make sure that everyone got it correctly. He also gave out pointers and tips necessary to make the moves work better.

We would like to thank Mike Fowler for the great seminar. We hope to see him soon!