Friday, December 28, 2007

Ali Sulit wins Most Technical Fighter award

Congratulations to Alexander "Ali" Sulit of New Breed Philippines, for winning the Most Technical Fighter award for his amazing display of jiu-jitsu in the 2007 Philippine International Bjj Open, which was held last December 1, 2007.

Ali has been away from the competition scene for over 1 and a half years due to numerous injuries. This was his first tournament back from injuries and also his first as a purple belt. From the moment he arrived at The Mall of Asia (where the tournament was held), people who know him knew that he was on a mission.

Ali took the gold medals in the over 70kg purple belt division and the open weight purple belt division. His opponents included Nikolai Holt, Fritz Rodriguez and Luis Blanco.

Here are some of his match highlights:

Again, congratulations to Ali Sulit!