Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Congratulations to Ali Sulit and Ralph Go bringing home the medals from the recent COPA DE HONG KONG 2 held at Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong last April 26-27.

Ralph won gold in the lightweight purple belt division and 3rd place in the Absolute purple belt divsion. He also won silver in the Advanced No-gi event the next day, having one of the most impressive performances against blackbelt, Makoto Aramaki in the finals.

Ali won gold in the heavyweight purple belt division and also the gold in the Absolute purple belt division. He also won the silver in the Advanced No-gi heavyweight division.

Francis "Tubao" Magbitang also joined in both events and won his first matches but was stopped at the 2nd round.

TJ Sulit was also present to support and coach his teammates in Hong Kong.

Ali, Ralph and Francis attended the seminar held by Andre Galvao and Eduardo Telles. They all got to learn and roll with the two world champions.

Again, congratulations, guys! You do your country and your team proud!