Saturday, November 1, 2008

BB Mike Ancheta

Wander Braga black belt, Fil-am Mike Ancheta, recently visited his home country for the first time in 26 years. During his visit, Mike went to teach at New Breed Academy for 2 days sharing some of his favorite techniques. Mike is the head instructor of Wander's school in LA and has trained with UFC fighter Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga, who is also a BB under Wander.

We at New Breed Academy Philippines would like to thank Mike for spending time with us on and off the mats. We had a really great time and we do hope that he and his brother, purple belt Meynard Ancheta, had a good time training with us. The Ancheta brothers will always be welcome in New Breed Philippines. If all goes according to plan, they will be back on March 2009 to train and have a crazy time again in the Philippines! Till next time!